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Serving The World

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We can develop any type of CRUD scheme you need, login security and more...

Friday, December 28, 2012

This is a very important function for any company whether your all IT , Manufacturing, service related and logistical - help desk requests can be taxing, take up a lot of time and resources.

Well there a dirty little secret out there, one of the best systems for help desk request, IT requests, IT projects management or get creative and use for other business functions and processes.  Its called Spice Works, its used by a few million companies - some very large, but still relatively unknown in small business circles.

Its robust and can pretty much handle any companies needs, it can be a little needy in its maintenance and that's were I come in, I have been through all the pitfalls and research and a slew of growing challenges the software requires, but it can be customized greatly and that's were most the challenges lie.

  • Its help desk request form and interface is customizable
  • It can also be used as a IT request or IT project request management tool
  • It has layers of security including hierarchical roles
  • It will automatically seek and find every peripheral, server, printer, scanner, workstation, laptop, copier etc and report on them
  • Keeps track of licenses, makes recommendations, seeks intruding software, lets you know when a device needs maintenance or if a printer needs ink
And a whole lot more...

I can come in set up Spice Works on your server (virtual too), run the scripts to enable device data gathering, customize the request interface and train on the very uses of this magnificent piece of software.

Let me demo, and lets talk about getting your company up to speed in the latest IT request and help desk software system, DID I MENTION THE SOFTWARE IS FREE, you have little maintenance, the software is remotely maintained by Spice Works, your business system, network system and equipment is maintained within the database on your server, I can create all the custom reports you need and train your administrators how to use it.

How long they keep it free is anybodies guess, so get on board now!

PH# (602) 930-3133

Monday, December 24, 2012

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has gone gorilla, by way of Craigs List, sites like backstage, Google Blogger and mass distribution through free video and article sites in order to gain back links and internet presence.

But this this is the world of internet marketing today, we can't reply on Google, Facebook, ,Myspace and the such Ads anymore  or banners and the hundred of other ad  placement companies out there.  Any and all tactics are necessary to get your product out there, email and even direct mail are still viable options too, they take a little more money, but have longer lasting presence than the others.

VNS started in direct marketing back in the 80's with direct mail, telemarketing data support and reporting and on mainframes too.  Everything has changed since then.  The internet is the most marketed media today.

Vital Dot Net Services has a posting service too, we will help create presence for your company and projects by posting ads and media to sites like Craigslist, blogs, backstage etc.

We will also create slide video's and articles to boost back links, let us know what we can do to help.

Here 's a list of what I have done before for clients and myself -

  • Place Google ads on blogs, wordpress and websites (and collected that money too)
  • Place ads and managed them on Facebook, myspace
  • Place ads on the above from different services like bidvertizer
  • Post to craigslist, backpage etc
  • Create articles with links and pics and video's to create valuable back links and distribute to free article sites
  • Create slide video's with music and  distribute to free video sites, besides
  • Create accounts in youtube, facebook, myspace etc
  • Place comments, likes, dislikes on facebook, myspace, personal blogs, business blogs
  • Dabble into reputation management
  • write articles for major city newspapers (some published)
  • and a whole lot more...
Contact -

Phone: (602) 930-3133
Email:Email us today  
through this blog

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Email systems Development

Vital Dot Net Services have developed email systems from mom & pop shops, local bands to large Linux and Microsoft Server based systems that served the the three top credit bureau's, clients like Lowes's, Fry's, Christian organizations and many more.

Vital Dot Net Services understand the maintenance of databases for prospects, opt-out, opt-in  and spam merge-purge.  I know to build websites that are connected to to emails for maintaining opt-in and opt-out options, the legality of distributing emails with this option embedded into the emails.

Vital Dot Net Services will develop emails that  best meet the the compatibility with most browsers and ISP's.

We will maintain return codes in a database and create reports that explain what was successful, what failed and why, this information is vital to a client so that they can plan future campaigns, we have access to appending GEO codes to addresses for target marketing.

I work with clients on developing systems that fit their needs from a simple application that puts out 2 - 5 thousand emails a day to 10,000 - 100,000 a day on large systems.

I am well versed in complicated queries for extraction from any database (big or small) I can develop most databases using visual foxpro or MS SQL Server 2005 and MySql if needed.

Most programming is done with Microsoft products but can also be done with Lamp technologies .

For more details email us or call...



Phone: (602) 930-3133

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Phoenix Web Services

Were new and hungry, We are here to serve Phoenix and the surrounding area's web service needs, we provide web services, portal development on the windows platform using ASP 3.5 - 4.0, VB.Net, Sql Server, Ajax and Javascript.
We bring functionality to your website, business functions, day to day processes, the functionality that your desktops used to provide. Its time to bring it online...
Contact us today... Phone # (602) 930-3133 Email:

  • Data GridViews
  • CRUD (Add records, edit records, delete records)
  • Server/Active directory Gridviews)
  • Upload files to and from server to client
  • Reports
  • DashBoards 

This is an employee gridview using the northwind database.

 This is a gridview of pdf files, you can select a pdf file and view it.

 This is a gridview of customers with a nested gridview of a customers orders.

 This is a report in gridview format display data from an excel file.